Introduction to FITE a.s.

About FITE a.s.

The company’s history starts in the early 1950s when the Czechoslovakian mining company OKD established an engineering group specialised in the design of mining equipment and automation.

Since the transformation of this group into an independent company called FITE in 1994, this joint-stock corporation (abbreviated as a.s. in the Czech language) has been active in the design, manufacture, supply and maintenance of underground mining equipment. FITE a.s. is also active in the area of post-underground mining utilisation.

Many years of designing and manufacturing experience allows FITE a.s. to offer its clients comprehensive mining engineering solutions.

The headquarters of FITE a.s. is in Ostrava, the capital of the Moravian-Silesian region of the Czech Republic, historically linked to the underground coal mining industry.

Apart from the above-mentioned activities in the mining industry, FITE a.s. is also engaged in the following businesses:

  • Office rental
  • Gastronomy
  • Waste management & utilisation
  • Accounting

FITE a.s. puts quality central to all its products and services and is certified to the ISO 9001 Quality Standard and the ISO 3834 Quality Requirements for Welding. FITE a.s. also emphasises the importance of the environment, and holds ISO 45001 certification.

FITE a.s. successfully goes through annual ISO re-certification audits.

Main Line of Business

FITE a.s. specialises in the design and manufacturing of the following mining equipment and systems:

  • Comprehensive systems for transporting coal or muck (disintegrated rock) to the surface, including various types of haulage devices and auxiliary equipment for cutting and roadheading machines:
    • Beam stage loaders
    • Coal crushers
    • Pantechnicons
    • Intermediate haulage belt conveyors
    • Scraper chain conveyors for conventional (blast and muck-out) excavation methods including hydraulic haulage devices and hydraulic pumps
  • Monorail suspended systems in underground mining:
    • Mining locomotives of the BIZON type intended for transporting heavy loads as well as persons in underground mines
    • Rail-mounted hydraulic cylinder-driven walking mechanisms for moving various loads along a single continuous overhead rail
    • Heavy-duty handling equipment used during the assembly or dismantling of mining equipment units

Mining equipment of FITE a.s. has been working successfully for many years in underground coal mines in the following countries:

  • Czech Republic
  • Slovak Republic
  • Poland
  • Ukraine
  • Russian Federation
  • China
  • Vietnam